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Warnings are a necessity and none more so than the one which concerns the preaching of false gospels, which cannot save. I feel it very necessary to sound a clear trumpet blast to everyone to beware of false ministers who come to you in sheep’s clothing. There are so many ministries out there and men who lead them, some very well known men, who seem to be preaching the Gospel yet it is an empty wagon which contains nothing from God. These men come in God’s name but do not bring with them God’s Gospel. The great subtlety in Satan’s devices is that he makes his lies look and sound so good, for he adorns them with very familiar Scriptures and his ministers all preach with the greatest sincerity and apparent conviction. How else would Satan’s ministers present themselves? In reality, this Scriptural adornment has been wrested, twisted in such a way that they will fit what lies Satan has prepared for the unsuspecting. If you have your doubts about any minister or any denomination, please do not hesitate to test such men and ministries. Leave no stone unturned. If they are found to truly preach and believe the Gospel then you have lost nothing, and if they are shown to be false ministers who promote another gospel then you have gained much. None of us are beyond examination and no one’s reputation is big enough to exclude them from being tested in the proper biblical manner. FLEE ANY MINISTER WHO REFUSES TO BE TESTED OR WARNS OR ATTACKS YOU ABOUT TESTING HIM. We are to make sure that what a man says God’s Word is saying is what GOD says it is saying, by examining God’s Word daily in the proper Scriptural manner. When questioning any minister or seeking his description of what the Gospel is, we need to be on our spiritual toes. If the response you receive is one of avoidance or if you sense any reluctance to answer your questions to your satisfaction not his, know that something is VERY WRONG and further investigation is required. The worst and most dangerous ministry out there is the one that claims that one is saved by grace through faith but mentions nothing of the Righteousness of Christ. Many will say to you that Christ the Person is all that is required but there can be no true Christ the Person and Savior without that Perfect Righteousness of Christ. With what He did and for whom He did it. If there is no perfect Righteousness then there is no Savior! It is what ministers of another gospel add to these truths and what they take away which transforms the whole into a very subtle lie. Respected men of the past such as Spurgeon, Wesley and Finney (this ministry has outstanding articles exposing all three men) are the leaders in this great deception and many, many pastors follow these men without an honest and biblical appraisal of what they really taught. Many so called pastors, who are really only hirelings as the Bible describes them, are more bound to the traditional teachings of their Bible Colleges and denominations than they are to the Word of God! Men such as these have been highly respected for so long that for many it appears they are beyond examination and testing. That the longevity of their writings is proof enough that what they teach is the Truth. It might shock some to learn that though Spurgeon ‘defended’ Calvinism, he had many Arminian preachers speak in his ‘church’. Spurgeon believed a man was believing the same truth whether he followed Arminian thought or Calvinistic beliefs! He believed and taught that a person becomes a saved justified Christian and then goes down one of two paths: either the Arminian way or the Calvinist way! I can remember how shocked I was when I first came to see for myself exactly what men like Spurgeon taught. But after seeing these things in his own writings I could not but be convinced. Many ‘reformed’ pastors who have read my booklets agree that the Gospel portrayed in them is THE Gospel, and that I have presented it accurately, yet they refuse to believe that they were not saved before hearing it and that millions of sincere, religiously dedicated people are lost simply because they do not believe, or have never heard, THE Gospel. All these men were extremely reluctant to discuss the very core of the Gospel which is Christ and His Atonement: what He did on the cross and for whom He did it. The wolves in sheep’s clothing which Scripture warns of are not the JW’s or Mormons, for they are readily recognizable to anyone even remotely familiar with what Holy Scripture says of Jesus Christ. The wolves, dear friends, are those very Calvinists, even men who claim to believe and teach the Righteousness of Christ, who come to you with a smile and say that the Gospel is Christ and His Righteousness, and yet insist that one can be saved before hearing the Gospel and that one is saved regardless of what one believes about the truth of Who Christ is and what Christ has done. Be very wary also of those who claim to believe this Gospel and yet will hear nothing against their idols such as Spurgeon and Whitfield. The true believer and abider in the truth holds no fear for what truth has to say. The true believer has no idols to protect and our world will not collapse if a man we believed to be a Christian teaching God’s truth is exposed as a minister of Satan. It is only the prejudiced and fear-filled man who hides his head in the sand who will not hear anything against his idol. The issue is not who believes this Gospel or how many believe it, but WHAT IS THE GOSPEL!! Concern yourselves with what God says His Gospel is and not what men of renown, or the large number of them, say it is. Don’t be fooled, or allow yourselves to be persuaded by, a gentle man with a big smile who says ‘Christ is all’. COMPARE SCRIPTURE WITH SCRIPTURE AND NOT SCRIPTURE WITH THE WORDS OF A MAN. In other words, don't be fooled by a man who makes Scripture fit what he is saying and yet does not compare Scripture with Scripture. The duty of every believer is not only to grow in the knowledge of his Lord but to tell others of Him and His Salvation, to be open in our beliefs and to not hide them under a bushel. Truth fears nothing. Always be wary of a man who refuses to go into detail of what he believes and why. A true believer has nothing to hide from anyone about what he believes and should be ready to state his beliefs and why he believes them to anyone who asks and should jump at the opportunity to share with others what the Lord has so graciously given to him. Test everything and everyone until YOU are satisfied they are truly preaching God’s one and only Gospel.

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