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My name is Moreno Dal Bello and I am 63 years of age. 


I was born into a Roman Catholic family, and for many years attended Mass with my mother, and, on occasion, my father joined us. For years I was convinced that Roman Catholicism was Christianity. At the age of 24 I started to read the Bible regularly, and eventually began attending a local Baptist church. Several years of visiting and attending churches of various denominations followed, until I became disillusioned with 'churchianity', and the increasing number of doctrine-less 'sermons' I was hearing.



Later on I was told of Calvinism, and was asked if I believed it's doctrines. I found that I did, but had a big problem with the concept of Christ dying only for the elect, and not for every individual. Study followed, and I quickly became convinced that Christ indeed had laid down His life for the elect, those whom the Father had given Him.



Years later I finally heard the true Gospel of God preached, and realised that not only did I believe its doctrines, but that I had never been saved prior to believing the Gospel which reveals the Righteousness of Christ. I had always considered myself saved after leaving Romanism and embracing the 'Protestant' doctrines. Like so many today, I believed I was saved despite having believed what I now know to have been false gospels. God brought His Gospel to me, the truth concerning His Grace in the salvation of His people through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and showed me that there is no salvation before hearing and believing this great Gospel of God's. "...Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Rom. 10:17). True saving Faith does not come after hearing false gospels which can only present false gods that cannot save. Salvation does not come by hearing the words of men. I then repented of ever believing I was saved before hearing and believing the only Gospel which God says is His only power unto salvation (see Rom. 1:16,17).



After months of study I began to write and teach the great Gospel of God and the Righteousness of His Beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Many books have followed as well as articles, leaflets, audio tapes, video tapes and CDs.



I belong to no 'church' here on earth, for I know of none (this does not mean there are none) which preach and teach the Gospel doctrines of grace, and the ramifications that not believing this Gospel, or believing one was saved without it, reveal that one is in a lost state. I am not affiliated with any denomination, or any cult, or with any group or organization whatsoever. I am merely a simple Christian man who seeks only to promote the Gospel of God, to educate and edify His people, and bring glory to God alone through this ministry. To defend His great doctrines, and expose the lies that are spoken in God's name, and shed truth's light on the many false gospels which only promote false gods and false jesuses.



This is a non-profit ministry. My writings are available in paperback. LuLuPress are the publishers, and you can go to them via the following link: You may also find the books on most international Amazon web sites, Ebay, and other major online booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Powell's Books, Booktopia and Fishpond, as well as smaller booksellers. The prices of the books vary, and have been set by the sellers. I have nothing to do with the prices, and receive no remuneration at all from any sales. If you would like to buy a book, but cannot afford one I would be most happy to forward you a copy of whichever book you would like entirely with my compliments. The home page also has a link to my Youtube channel which contains my writings in audio form. These recordings are available on cd, or any digital device such as USB memory sticks or cards.



If you would like to donate to the ministry you may do so by emailing me at the address below. If you would like to become a regular donor, even $5 per week would be of great help.



I shall be most pleased to answer any questions you might have, or discuss God's Gospel with you. All genuine emails, questions, etc., are most welcome, however, those who seek to abuse, argue and hope to start word wars with me can think again. I believe there will be nothing gained in entertaining such people, and engaging in such fruitless conversation. I only pray for God's mercy and grace to be visited upon all those who oppose God's Great Gospel.



Please feel free to email me at:











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