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A documented series of booklets:


Designed to show the Roman Catholic what history says about the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.


Designed to show Roman Catholics the pagan origins of many of their Church’s teachings and practices.


Designed to show the Roman Catholic exactly what many Roman Catholic scholars and Roman Catholic theologians admit to, as well as several former Roman Catholic priests.


Designed to show Roman Catholics exactly what their own Roman Catholic Church approved Bible says, AND DOESN’T SAY!


Designed to expose the false gospel Roman Catholics have been taught and reveal to them the ONLY Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.


Designed to show Roman Catholics their need to be brought out of the darkness of Rome and into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.



"...Ignorance Of The Scriptures Means Ignorance Of Christ" - Vatican II



All Scripture quotations in this booklet are taken from the Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible, which has been approved by the Administrative Committee/Board of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the United States Catholic Conference.


The Roman Catholic Bible is used only for the purpose of showing the Roman Catholic what their own Church approved Bible says. This Bible, however, is not recommended. We ONLY endorse and encourage the reading of the King James Version.


The sources used in these writings are purely for the purposes of informing and educating the Roman Catholic of things they are no doubt unaware of. Of course all Roman Catholic writers and books quoted from are not recommended as sources for theological/Gospel teaching. Also, we do not necessarily endorse the teachings which deal specifically with the Gospel of any non-Roman Catholic sources quoted.


All booklets are written by Moreno Dal Bello. The entire series is also available in Italian and as an 8 hour plus, 2 volume video VHS series only in Australian Region 4.

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