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The Arminian false gospel claims that Christ died for everyone and that it is now up to man to choose whether or not he will accept what Christ has done. Arminianism teaches that God has not elected a people unto salvation purely based upon His grace but according to whom He knew would choose Him. Clearly, this false gospel is diametrically opposed to God's true and only Gospel which teaches that God has elected a people based purely on His mercy and grace and upon nothing He foresaw they would do or become, for God is not a respecter of persons, and, that Christ died exclusively for those people and they will all be saved. One question I would place before the Arminian is "Do you believe I am a Christian?" In my experiences most have answered 'Yes', despite their disbelief of the Gospel I believe in. By answering in such a way what they are saying is, whether they realize it or not, whether they believe it or not, that I have the true Gospel. According to God's Word, when you say that you are saved, you are stating that you have been given the Gift of Faith from the true God to believe His one and only Gospel and, as an immediate consequence, reject all others. Now, the following will shock the Arminian believer for in saying this, they are saying that they have the wrong gospel seeing that the two gospels are saying two different things. And here is where the muddled mess that every follower of the false gospel of Arminianism currently lies in. They call me a Christian, a man who does not believe what they say the Gospel is, a gospel which they say is the very power of God unto salvation. They call me a Christian, a man who denounces their gospel by rightly referring to it as another gospel which has absolutely NO power to save! So, on the one hand the Arminian is saying though I believe in a Gospel which differs from what they say the Gospel is, I am nonetheless saved but at the same time they claim that their gospel is the true Gospel and so they are saved! In other words one of us has a false gospel and one the true but we are both saved! The only thing left for such people is to conclude and promote the preposterous view that there is more than one Gospel that saves! Now, where they look to for even one shred of evidence that Scripture supports such a lie as this, let alone passages of Scripture and a continuous line of such teaching throughout the entire Bible, remains a complete mystery. It does not matter what we believe but who we believe, is their final retreat, their ultimate false refuge. But in saying this they all fail to realize the inescapable Biblical fact that WHAT WE BELIEVE DEFINES THE ONE WE BELIEVE IN. What we believe about a person identifies the person we believe in. If ten people were missing from a larger group for example, and one person says I saw one person with blonde hair and blue eyes with jeans and a white t-shirt, then anyone who knows all ten missing people would immediately recognize that it was Bill. Those who would argue that it wasn't Bill simply don't know Bill! Anyone whose description and definition of Who Christ Jesus is, what He did and for whom He did it contradicts that of God's Word are, far from being merely wrong, describing, defining and believing in ANOTHER JESUS. The many obviously overtly fake Christian organizations that even Arminians recognize preach a false jesus are deemed so because of what they believe and teach about the Person and Work of Christ. And yet it would seem that for the Arminian if one believes the so-called fundamental teachings of Christianity such as the virgin birth of Christ, that He died on a cross for sin, that God is love etc., any doctrinal differences really don't matter as all such people believe in the same Jesus. If a teaching that deals directly with the Person and Work of Christ in the salvation of His people contradicts what Scripture says about Who Christ is, what Christ has done and for whom He has done it, then not only is it teaching another jesus, it is not teaching the true Jesus at all. To be wrong about the characteristics of a person, who they are and what they do, provides explicitly clear and irrefutable evidence that you do not know that person at all. To be wrong about the characteristics of Jesus, His Person and His Work, is, far from being mere error, the clearest evidence of all that you simply do not know, and therefore do not believe in, the true Jesus. The reality of this situation is that Christ did not die for everyone and exclusively for the elect. He either did one or the other. One teaching is part of the true Gospel and the other is a lie and part of a false gospel. One is what the Gift of Faith from God is given to believe and the other is not. One is foolishness and the other is not. One is believed in by God's elect and the other is believed in by the damned. False teachings belong to false gospels and only the true doctrines that have to do with the salvation of man belong to God's true Gospel. Do not be deceived.

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