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One of the reasons seeds are such wonderful things is that in the planting of them one can be sure that seeds will produce after their own kind. Carrot seeds will always produce carrots, apple seeds will always produce apples, orange seeds will always produce oranges and so on. No one in their right mind would plant carrot seeds expecting them to produce apples. And no one in their right mind could ever expect any other fruit or vegetable or flower or tree or plant of any kind to result from the planting of seeds which are not of the plant intended to be produced. What kind of fool would it take to say that most apples come from apple seeds but this particular apple has come from a carrot seed! Well, I suppose one could say that and even believe it if one wanted to but one could never supply any evidence to support such a ridiculous claim. Surprisingly, however, there are many so-called ‘Christians’ today who actually believe that such a thing can happen in the spiritual realm! They believe that a Christian can be produced by the preaching of a false gospel. That a Christian can result from the sowing of God's Seed, the true Gospel, and from the sowing of another seed, ie., a false gospel. In other words the sowing of a corruptible seed can produce an incorruptible offspring according to such folk! This is like saying that this apple seed will produce an apple but so will this orange seed. It is sheer and utter nonsense. The Seed of God is the Word of God and when this Seed is planted in good ground it always produces one and only one ‘fruit’- CHRISTIANS!! Just like it takes a carrot seed to produce carrots, so too, in order for there to be a true Christian there must first be planted the Seed of God, His Gospel. The Word of God which deals with salvation is contained in the Gospel, the Good News of God, and in the planting of this Word, or Seed, there has always been, and can only always result in, a Christian ‘plant’.


Never once in the history of man has this Seed ever produced anything other than a Christian, and, on no occasion has any other seed which is not the Seed of God ever produced a true Christian. Just as the Gospel of God is the only power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16), so too, the Gospel of God is the only means by which a person is born again. A vegetable or fruit cannot will itself into being. Nor can it be produced by anything other than of its own kind. So too, a person cannot make themselves, will themselves or be a Christian before or without the Gospel of God being planted in their hearts (Eph. 1:13). Nor can a false gospel ever produce a true Christian. Just as you cannot get carrots from orange seeds or oranges from apple seeds you cannot get a Christian from any other seed other than the true Seed of God, His Gospel. This Seed as we mentioned is the Word of God and when it comes to salvation the Word of God is called the Gospel of God "Being born again...of incorruptible (seed), by the Word of God....And this is the Word which BY THE GOSPEL is preached unto you" (1 Pet. 1:23,25). Once this seed is planted in a person the only result that can be realised is a born again person, a Christian. The Seed must be planted; the Gospel must be heard, it must be understood and it must be believed for there to be evidence to show that the Seed of God has indeed truly been planted and taken root. And so, it stands to biblical reason that before this Seed of God is planted, or, if any other seed is planted, there can never be a true Christian, a child or ‘plant’, if you will, of God. No false gospel seed can produce such a creature as a Christian for no false gospel is the power of God to save. You cannot get blood out of a stone, you cannot get oranges from apple seeds and YOU CAN NEVER get a Christian from the planting, or sowing/preaching, of a false gospel. A false gospel is another seed and not the Seed of God. All a false gospel can produce is a false Christian. To be born again is to be born of the Gospel of the grace of God and no other. If you have not the Seed of God you can never have a Christian. Everything has been designed by the Almighty Creator to produce of its own kind: fruit, vegetables, animals and man himself has only and can only produce of its own kind. The case is no different when it comes to God and His Seed. With it He can only produce true Christians who believe His Gospel and His Gospel alone and who all repent of ever having believed in a false gospel and that that gospel had ever saved them. If you or anyone you know believes or teaches that a person is saved even though they believe in a false gospel, or that the person claims to believe in the true Gospel yet insists they were saved whilst believing in another, you are both currently in a lost state. You do not know God or His Gospel for if you did you would know that HIS GOSPEL and HIS GOSPEL ALONE is His POWER UNTO SALVATION and that no other gospel is. The fruit of the Gospel can only be produced by the Gospel. No other gospel, no other seed is His Gospel, is His Seed, and therefore has never and can never produce His offspring. BE NOT DECEIVED!! To be born again is to be born of His Seed, His Word, His Gospel.




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