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What can one add to truth that it does not already have? What does the truth need in order to make it more truthful? Is there anything that one can take away from truth and it still be truth? Can one take the smallest part of truth away and in any way improve or enhance the truth, make it more accurate, etc? Is there anything that can be added to what God has already said that would make it more truthful, more right? Can we do away with any part of what God has said in order to make truth truer? The answer to all these questions is an unequivocal ZERO!! THE TRUTH IS WHAT GOD SAYS IT IS! Nothing can be added, nor should be added, to it in order to make it ‘better’ or easier to accept. The truth should not be packaged in a certain way for the younger generation or softened so that the elderly amongst us can more readily accept it. We are not to present it in such a way that meets with this world’s standards, such as through music or via a gimmick of some sort. The truth is to be preached, it is to be taught in an uncompromising way. The very words of God are to be used. God’s Word is truth. It is to be published and proclaimed for His glory, not packaged and sold like some commercial product. The truth should be preached, not in order to improve our numbers, or increase our mailing lists, or in order to become popular, or to increase one’s profile, but simply because it is the duty of the Christian to preach the Gospel to every creature. Nowhere in Scripture can you find any directive to withhold certain parts of the truth from the initial preaching of the Gospel and to share them at a later date. Certain doctrines of the Gospel that we might think are harder to digest, or carry with them a certain notoriety amongst unbelievers, are not to be withheld but taught openly and with as much zeal as the more universally acceptable doctrines. Preach about Christ’s death for His people alone, preach about election. Don’t shy away from any part of the truth, for if you do, you are no longer preaching the truth. Preaching part of the truth is not preaching the truth. Preaching part of the Gospel is not preaching the Gospel. The Gospel needs no amending by us, it needs no part of it omitted or toyed with. We do not need to review truth in order to present it in a way more suited to this generation. God’s Gospel does not need any help from us other than to be preached faithfully and accurately. We simply need to preach the truth as God has preached it in His Word. Whether a person believes it or not is not our primary concern. Contrary to what many people believe, it is not the Christian's duty to convert or convince anyone of the truth. The responsibility of the Christian and the command to the Christian by the Lord Jesus is "to preach the Gospel to every creature" (Mk. 16:15). Yes, we must reason from the Scriptures but the conviction and conversion is God’s domain. It’s His business to be done in His time. The truth needs no help from us, it simply needs to be proclaimed faithfully, accurately and intact. Don’t try and help the truth, just preach the truth.




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