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Man either believes with his own faith, which the Bible calls heresy, or with the gift of Faith given by God for belief of the Truth. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MIDDLE GROUND! A man either believes with his own faith to his own destruction, or with the gift of Faith from God to his salvation. Man cannot be saved by any works of the flesh. This includes his believing with his own natural faith, for with his natural faith man can never savingly believe the Gospel of God. If he could, salvation would be by the work of man and not by the gift of God. It is abundantly evident that in giving the gift of Faith to His people God demonstrates the absolute necessity of it, and that none can be saved without it. Moreover, man by his own faith could never savingly believe the truth but only ever deny it. This, in and of itself, is absolute and conclusive evidence that a man can never be saved by his own faith, consisting predominantly of fallacious views and opinions, but only by that which embraces the whole Gospel of God: the gift of Faith which comes from God. This is why any error one believes in, when it comes to the Gospel of God, is proof positive that a person is not believing with the Faith of God but with their own corrupt faith. "He that believeth (the Gospel) ...shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned" (Mark 16:16). To savingly believe the Gospel of God one must be given the gift of Faith from God. To not believe the Gospel of God is to not have the gift of Faith. Even if man could, independently of God, savingly believe the Gospel, man's believing with his own faith would be a work of the flesh and God's Word clearly states that salvation is not by any work of man's, even his believing, for his savingly believing the Gospel of God can only be by the gift of Faith from God given by the grace of God lest any man should boast (see Ephesians 2:8,9). "...Hereby know we the Spirit of Truth, and the spirit of error" (1 John 4:6), the Spirit of God and the spirit of man, the Spirit of God's Gospel and the spirit of false gospels. Scripture states categorically: "Who by Him do believe in God..." (1 Peter 1:21). And, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to His abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope..." (1 Peter 1:3  cf. John 14:6; Hebrews 7:25). The Faith given by God to His people to believe God's Word of the Truth of the Gospel renders the status of man's opinions of what it might be, which all stem from his natural faith, completely irrelevant! "...let God be true, but every man a liar..." (Romans 3:4). Man's inherent faith is naturally biased against God's Way of salvation, and so no man can come to the True God by his own faith but only by the gift of Faith given by the God of grace. God declares what His Gospel is in His Word. It is believed by His people and has been, without fail, taught and believed by all His people since the day it was first preached and will be until that final day. God's people have been given the gift of Faith so as to not only believe the Gospel of God but to also ensure that it is God's Gospel they preach so that others may hear it and believe it.



Needless to say none of this is merely this author's opinion. Paul the apostle confirms and assures his readers of all these things in his inspired writings wherein he unequivocally leaves no room, or makes any allowances for, the erroneous views, thoughts or faith of man which have only ever led him to trust in false gospels and never God's Gospel. The reason why the apostle refuses to accept, to even consider, any opposing views and opinions of what others believe the Gospel to be, is that Paul has had the Gospel of God revealed to Him by Almighty God. By the Author Himself. Of what need did Paul have of mere man's opinions of what the Truth is, when he had already been given the Truth by God Himself? There is no other truth, there is no other gospel which saves apart from that single and unique Gospel which God has given to the apostle Paul, and, subsequently, to all His people. The apostle states quite emphatically that anyone and everyone no matter who they are, even if it is an angel sent from God no less, is currently in an accursed state if they bring with them a gospel which differs with his Gospel, for Paul's Gospel is THE ONE and ONLY Gospel which God revealed to him. IT IS THE SELFSAME GOSPEL WHICH GOD REVEALS TO ALL HIS PEOPLE. If this were not so, if God's Gospel today differs in any way from the Gospel He revealed to the apostle Paul, then there would be no such thing as the Christian Faith, but the Christian faiths. Each Faith would believe in a different Gospel. Moreover, those 'Christian faiths' would be believing in gospels which Paul referred to as gospels other than God's Gospel. Gospels which are different and therefore would stand in opposition to the Gospel God gave unto Paul. No honest, rational, let alone Scripturally sound  person would dare argue any of this with the apostle. Contrary to what some might think, God's revealing His only Gospel did not stop with Paul. If it had, what good would it have done for God to have given His Gospel to the apostle Paul, and have him teach It to others, detailing that Gospel in his writings, as well as attaching to it the warning found in Galatians 1, having that Gospel forever declared part of Holy Scripture, the Word of God, the Declaration of God, only to see God act contrary to His Word, nullifying it, thereby rendering it extinct, by replacing it with other 'Gospels' for future generations? What good would it have done for God to have revealed His Gospel to Paul, other than Paul's salvation, and what sense would it have made to attach such a dire warning to it, all the while knowing He would provide future generations of those ordained to eternal life with the gift of Faith to believe in different 'Gospels'? Furthermore, of what use, what possible significance, would God's inspiring Paul to attach the stern warning concerning the reception of any other gospel be, knowing the Gospel which He revealed to Paul would eventually become so littered, so obscured, so perverted by man's erroneous views as to render it useless. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for God to have ensured the revelation of His Gospel to the apostle Paul, and to have safeguarded Paul's reception of it, and that it be forever preserved in Holy Scripture, only to see it break down over time into some formless, unrecognizable and nebulous collection of disputable teachings. The very principle upon which salvation is based is grace. Salvation simply cannot exist without grace as it cannot exist without Truth. The Sovereign grace of the God of Truth ensures that all the doctrines of the Gospel, which are the doctrines of grace in the salvation of God's elect, as they were revealed to Paul, would and will continue to survive for they teach the only Way to salvation. God is eternal, therefore salvation is eternal, therefore God's grace is eternal, therefore His Word is eternal, therefore His doctrines which make up the Gospel of the grace of God in the salvation of all His people are all eternal and can never fade away. The Gospel God brings to one of His people is the same one He reveals to all His elect. By grace, God continues to this day to reveal to all His elect His one and only Gospel for He has no other. In like manner, God grants all His people the same Faith with which to believe it. Without the Gospel and the Faith to savingly believe it everyone would be damned. Often downplayed, even overlooked, is the fact that the Gospel which God gave to Paul not only pronounces everyone saved who believes it, but also declares everyone accursed who does not believe it. There is no salvation without the Gospel of Grace and the gift of Faith to believe it. God still saves by the same grace He saved Paul; He still gives the same Faith He gave Paul to all His elect by which they believe the same Gospel that Paul believed. Anything less than this would leave everyone, even God's chosen ones, without the knowledge of the only Way to salvation as revealed in, and by, God's Gospel and therefore in an accursed state. If the Gospel of God is lost so is every man. If the Gospel of God is lost so is God to mankind.



A false gospel is one which teaches differently, and therefore stands in opposition to and denial of, God's Testimony of His Son contained in His Gospel. A false gospel draws a different picture of God from the one God's Gospel presents. The following passage from Paul's Letter to the Christians at Galatia, in particular, shows how the apostle Paul leaves no room whatsoever for even the possibility that two people both claiming to be Christians can have different gospels. Gospels which not only fail to correspond in every detail but which stand opposed to each other and whose gods, therefore, cannot be the same. Two people holding to different gospels cannot speak to each other of our Lord for their gospels tell of different lords. God may be the Author of one of these gospels but He certainly cannot be the Author of both. Paul completely rules out the ridiculous notion that Christians can believe in differing Gospels but have the same God, for the Gospel is not something which is passed down from generation to generation, whose doctrinal details are reliant upon, and been left in the care of, man and therefore susceptible to error. The Gospel is God's Word and is something which is in God's care and therefore immune from error. The Gospel of God is not something which is prone to error when it is REVEALED BY GOD to each succeeding generation of chosen ones. The Gospel of God was not susceptible to error when God revealed it to Paul and it is never tainted by error in His subsequent revelation of it to each and every child of election. If you believe in a contaminated gospel I can assure you it is not the pure, unadulterated, Gospel of God which has been revealed to you. To have lost the Gospel, God's people would never have known of the Righteousness of God, "For therein (the Gospel) is the Righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith..." (Romans 1:17). The Gospel of God, intact and wholly unchanged, was never left to the imperfect and unreliable capabilities of man for its survival. The Gospel of God has always been God's property, and, along with the fact that a man is eternally "...sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ..." (Jude 1 cf. 2 Timothy 4:18), his place in Heaven being reserved for him by God, in that his " is hid with Christ in God" (Colossians 3:3), so too, the unchangeableness and eternality of the Gospel of God and its assured survival upon this earth so that it would, wholly, completely and unfailingly, reach the ears of every chosen one of God, has always been the responsibility of the Sovereign God. Therefore it is always, only and eternally God's Gospel. "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to His abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in Heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through Faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time" (1 Peter 1:3-5; see also 1 Thessalonians 5:23; Jude 1:1; Colossians 1:5). Kept, not by the power of God through faith in a false gospel, but KEPT by the power of God through Faith in God's true Gospel. Neither Satan, nor man, can prevent the revelation of the Gospel by God to all His people. "But the Word of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the Word which by the Gospel is preached unto you" (1 Peter 1:25; Revelation 14:6). Seeing then that God's Gospel of salvation is everlasting and that the paramount ingredient to salvation is to believe that Gospel (see Acts 16:30-32), God has not only guaranteed His Gospel's survival, but He has also ordained and guaranteed the continuing obedience to it by all His people through the granting of the gift of Faith by grace. The main reason God has guaranteed His Gospel's survival is the continued obedience to it by all His people. How could any of God's elect believe unto salvation if it was not God's Gospel they believed in seeing that God's Gospel is His only, and therefore THE only, Power unto salvation? The granting of the gift of Faith to all God's people is perhaps the strongest evidence of the survival of God's Gospel, for, for what other reason is the gift of Faith given other than to believe God's Gospel.



The apostle Paul, by the Authority of God, in addressing the churches of Galatia wrote: "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach ANY OTHER GOSPEL unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach ANY OTHER GOSPEL unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed" (Galatians 1:8,9). Of course the Gospel Paul is speaking of is God's Gospel which is the only one that is fully in accord with the Holy Scriptures. Of course, various religious groups claim these verses as a defense of their gospel, however how can Paul be defending any gospel which is not in accordance with the Word of God. We see clearly from these two verses how Paul does away with any need for conjecture or speculation as to what the Gospel of God is. Paul is telling us that his Gospel, the only one revealed to him by God Himself, is the only Gospel which conveys the Truth about Who God is, how God saves and whom He saves. And, that THIS Gospel, therefore, is the only Gospel God reveals to all His people and by which alone He saves. Furthermore, the passage reveals the impossibility of any of God's people, once they are saved, to believe in and promote any other gospel apart from God's one and only Gospel. The importance of these Scriptures cannot be overstated. The Lord God has not included them in the Holy Scriptures to merely fill up space. The purpose of these two verses is to underscore the fact that GOD HAS A GOSPEL! It is to show to one and all that there is no salvation WITHOUT GOD'S GOSPEL! And that there is no salvation in  ANY OTHER GOSPEL! That the Gospel of God is known and believed in by His people, and that those who do not know it ARE NOT HIS PEOPLE. In fact, THEY ARE ACCURSED PEOPLE! It reveals that those who are not accursed, who have been appointed to obtain salvation, DO AND WILL BELIEVE IN GOD'S GOSPEL! Anyone who would disagree with Paul's Gospel, anyone who would dare change it in any way, or who said it was only one of several valid interpretations of God's Gospel, is an accursed person. NOT TRUE AND SINCERE BRETHREN, WHO SIMPLY HAVE THEIR WIRES CROSSED, BUT HELL BOUND FALSE BRETHREN WHO KNOW NOT GOD! Clearly, the apostle judged saved and lost by belief and unbelief of the Gospel of God. Those who believed only in the Gospel of God were saved, and those who did not believe God's Gospel were lost. Paul did not qualify his warning by saying certain respected men preaching a different gospel were to be looked upon as an acception to his rule. Not at all. It did not matter to Paul who preached it, or with what elegant words they preached it, or how they preached it, but WHAT they preached! The inspired apostle warned if what is preached unto them differs in any way to any degree, if the doctrines of any gospel brought to them are not in precise accordance with the doctrines of the Gospel Paul had taught them, THIS was the evidence which would inescapably brand such preachers and the people who believed them as accursed, and their gospels as being not of God! Paul did not warn of how they looked or what they wore. He did not speak to them of their character nor how they conducted themselves. Paul's unequivocal warning to them was all about what they preached, and if what they preached was not the Gospel of God, such people were to be viewed instantly as accursed. Needless to say their gospels were to be counted as nothing more than the worthless ramblings of lost men. The apostle Paul could not have made any of this clearer than by stating that even if an angel from God, not one of Satan's fallen angels but an angel of God, fresh from the very Presence of God Himself and shining as bright as the sun, was an accursed creature if he brought with him a gospel that differed from Paul's Gospel! Seeing that God's angels are not and never will be accursed creatures we can be certain that none of them would ever bring with them a gospel which differed in any way from God's Gospel. Scripture speaks of the angels of God as, "...the elect angels..." "...the angels of God..." and "...the holy angels" ( see 1 Timothy 5:21; Hebrews 1:6; Mark 8:38). Again, all this shows clearly that the only Gospel God would ever reveal to His people would be His Gospel and, therefore, the only Gospel God's saved people would ever believe and preach would be God's Gospel. What possible sense would it have made for God to reveal His Gospel to the apostle Paul, and inspiring him to place such an emphatic and exclusive verification upon it which rendered all other 'gospels', as well as those who would promote and place their trust in them, as accursed, if this Gospel of God would one day become lost or if there were, or one day would be, several valid interpretations of God's Gospel for His people to believe in unto salvation? Is anyone so foolish as to seriously contest this and think that, 'Yes, God revealed His Gospel to Paul, but seeing that from that day it has become the duty of His people to relay it to others coupled with the fact that man is imperfect, we have, over time and through error, lost the knowledge of exactly what God's Gospel is, and so all that remains are our many and widely varying, yet nevertheless perfectly acceptable, interpretations of it. We are all Christians, it's just that we believe in different Gospels, different doctrines, about God and how He saves, but we all have the same God. What one Christian calls the Gospel may not be what another Christian calls the Gospel, but because we all consider one another Christians we must respect each other's views.' The logic of madness! The plain fact of the matter is that two people having differing gospels, have different gods. Just as a man's salvation is of God, the guarantee of that salvation is assured by God in revealing His one and only Gospel to all His people, and granting them the gift of Faith that ensures they believe it and, in accordance to that Truth-believing-Faith, reject all other gospels as having any power to save.



If it is true that the best man has been left with are innumerable, contrasting interpretations of God's Gospel, with no way of knowing which is God's only Gospel, then why is the gift of Faith given? Is it given so that we would believe in some unreliable and therefore untrustworthy gospel, in a gospel which God has not Authored? Man needs no gift from God to go on believing in false gospels for this he does quite well with his own faith. Or has God ceased, not only to reveal His Gospel but also from granting the gift of Faith to His elect ones? What a madhouse it would be if that were the case. It is patently obvious that this could not possibly be a valid scenario as God's very means to save are by His gifts of Grace through Faith. That the relevancy and necessity of the gift of Faith from God, which is on a par with the Grace of God in the salvation of His people, not only teaches that all God's people will believe God's Gospel, but that this Holy Gospel is still just as intact as when God revealed it to the apostle Paul. As long as faith in the Gospel of God is necessary for salvation, one can rest assured in the eternal existence of the Gospel of God. The gift of Faith ensures and demands the perpetual existence of God's unique, never-changing Gospel, and His eternal Gospel ensures the absolute requirement of the Faith from God to believe it. After all, man is sanctified by the Holy Spirit and belief of the Gospel, not merely a belief in an interpretation of the Gospel (see 2 Thessalonians 2:13,14). If God's Gospel is eternal and, therefore, unchangeable, then the gift of Faith itself is eternal and unchangeable and, therefore, will never believe in any other gospel. In another passage of Scripture the apostle raises the important point that any gospel which differs in the slightest degree, by taking away from, or adding to, the Gospel he has presented, is what constitutes another gospel (see 2 Corinthians 11:3,4; Galatians 5:9). Such a gospel is simply not of God, it does not reveal the true God and, therefore, cannot save. Any deviation from the Gospel of God is a deviation from God and what He has said. It is to rule out the Truth of God as the Truth of God and to turn aside unto false truths, false gospels which present false gods. How can a man be saved who believes in a deviant gospel, a gospel which has turned aside from, and altered, the Truth of God? Any alteration of the Gospel of God is a deviation from grace. And, a deviation from Grace also includes within it a deviation from the Gospel of God which the gift of Faith is given to believe. Any erroneous belief, which is tantamount to unbelief, concerning the Gospel of God is proof positive that one is a Scriptural deviant. Such a person is not believing with the gift of Faith. We see from Paul's writings that any deviation from God's true Gospel is an offence committed against the grace of God and therefore against God Himself. To deviate from God, to turn aside from Him and His Gospel by believing a false gospel, is to go away from God and to follow another god, another way.



Another gospel is not some harmless message, even if it is sprinkled with only so-called minor errors, such a gospel can, to the minds of the unsaved, still legitimately be referred to as God's Gospel. This is what the apostle Paul is telling us. That if you believe in a gospel which contains error of any kind you are simply not believing in the Gospel which God revealed to him. Many people have been lulled into thinking, by both liberal and conservative teachings, that doctrinal error is somehow not a serious issue, that it is not even sin. Error is as serious a sin as the sin of murder. Even more so, for doctrinal error, in particular error concerning the Gospel of God which details Who God is and what He has done in the salvation of  His people, is blasphemy against God. It is to not only believe in what God has not said, but also to deny what God has said. Anyway you look at it, error is unbelief. To be wrong about Who God is, and to attribute something to God which is not of Him, or deny something that is of God, is blasphemy of the highest order. To say that a teaching about God is true, when it is not, or to say that a teaching about God is wrong, when it is true teaching is to be guilty of spiritual slander, of being a false witness, for to teach or believe error about God is to testify against Him and His Word (see 1 Corinthians 15:13-15). A GOSPEL WHICH CONTAINS ERROR OF ANY KIND IS NOT THE GOSPEL OF GOD. A gospel which contains error of any kind is a false witness AGAINST God and His salvation plan, thus revealing any adherer to such a gospel as accursed. Interestingly, the apostle Paul was not concerned with people preaching the true Gospel of Christ from right motives or wrong. The only thing that mattered to the apostle was that the truth concerning the true Christ was preached. That it was the true Gospel that was being preached and not a false one promoting another jesus: "Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife and some also of good will...What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice" (see Philippians 1:15-18). Notice the Scripture does not say in error or in truth, but in pretence. 'In pretence'  meaning, out 'of impure motives such as seeking the applause of men for their eloquence of speech', and 'in truth' meaning, 'with integrity of  heart, and in the uprightness of their souls'. After reading Paul's words in Galatians 1 the apostle would hardly be rejoicing if it were a false christ being preached even if it were from right motives. It is only the false gospels, the preaching of another christ, irrespective of a man's motives, which Paul was set against. A Gospel which contains any error at all is, to say the very least, hardly an indication of Divine Authorship. Does anyone think that a gospel which contains error is actually the kind of gospel God would reveal to His people? That God would approve of any false teaching concerning Him? It is error which reveals a gospel to be anything but the Gospel of God. IT IS ERROR WHICH CHANGES THE WHOLE INTO SOMETHING IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE. 2 + 2=4 but add or take away even the smallest fraction and you get the picture. It is error which changes the whole from what God has said to what man says. Error in a gospel reveals that it is a man's gospel and not the Truth-filled error-free Gospel of God. It is in reality ANOTHER GOSPEL the belief of which has never saved anyone. Whether it be a gospel which contains false teachings, or a person having an erroneous understanding of what the Gospel of God is, one can be certain that: WHERE THERE IS ANY ERROR IN EITHER THE DECLARATION OR RECEPTION OF THE GOSPEL OF GOD, THERE IS PERVERSION OF THE TRUTH! "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (Galatians 5:9 cf. Matthew 16:11,12). The emphasis Paul placed on believing only the Gospel of God cannot be denied nor should it be wilfully ignored for convenience sake. The apostle wrote to the believers at Colossae, "If ye continue in the Faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the Gospel, which ye have heard..." (Colossians 1:23 cf. 1 John 2:19). As with all Christians, the entire salvation of the believers at Colossae was dependent upon their belief of the Gospel. Not any gospel but God's Gospel alone. If you have moved away from the Gospel unto another you were never known of God. You were never saved (see 1 John 2:19). Turning from the Gospel of God is turning away from His Grace and trusting in what you can do. Believing that any other gospel can save is turning away from the Gospel of God. Unbelief of the Gospel of God is unfaithfulness toward God. It is nothing short of disobedience. Everything outside the Gospel promotes what a man must do to attain and maintain salvation. NO FALSE GOSPEL OUT THERE IS IDENTICAL TO THE GOSPEL OF GOD BECAUSE EVERY FALSE GOSPEL IS A GOSPEL THAT HAS MOVED AWAY, BY ADDING TO OR TAKING, FROM THE GRACE OF GOD. Believing the Gospel is the key to salvation and eternal life. It is not a work of man's, some condition he must meet in order to get saved. Believing God's Gospel is a gift from God and is the evidence that a man believes in, and is saved by, grace alone in Christ alone. It is God Who justifies (see Romans 3:26). It is true that man is warned of not adding to God's Word and also not taking from it (Proverbs 30:5,6; Revelation 22:19). But all this proves is that there are counterfeits out there and there are very real and adverse consequences for those who believe and promote those counterfeit gospels whether knowingly or unknowingly. But why warn of counterfeits if the true Gospel cannot be known? Just as in the field of finance, stamp collecting and art, etc., warnings of counterfeits is the strongest evidence of the existence of the genuine. The true Gospel remains unblemished by the hand of man when it is revealed to each and every one of the elect of God, by God. The true Gospel is also unblemished in its reception by the elect for they receive it with the Faith which comes from God. This safeguards and perpetuates the preaching of God's Gospel, and the receiving of it, without error. The true Gospel, without which no man can be saved, still reaches the ears, hearts and minds of all those whom God has chosen to believe it, to place their trust in His Great Salvation Plan. False prophets who promote false christs surely do not bring with them the true Gospel. The very existence of false gospels proves conclusively that there is a true Gospel, the Gospel of God, AND that all God's chosen believe that Gospel and no other. If there is a fake there must be a fact. "Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which He hath made crooked?" (Ecclesiastes 7:13). Lost man has his many versions of what the Gospel of God is, but the Gospel of God Itself remains pure and untouched by the sinfulness and fanciful opinions of men. Nor can it be prevented from reaching the ears and minds of God's elect. It is not possible that the elect of God can be deceived to the point where they move away from the true Gospel of God (see Matthew 24:24) and believe in another. Just as there are many false gods, perversions of the True God, so too, there are many false gospels which are perversions of the One pristine Gospel of God. The fact that there are many false gods in this world can in no way be used as evidence against the existence of the True God. Nor, likewise, does the existence of innumerable perversions of the Gospel deny the subsistence of the True. Christ warned of false doctrine (Matthew 24:11) thus proving there is true doctrine for how can there be false doctrine, and why warn of false doctrine, if there is no true doctrine? And, how can false doctrine be identified if true doctrine is not known. If there was no true doctrine there would only be doctrine. Doctrine is either true or false, it is never neutral. As with a reflection cast by a funhouse mirror, a fake is not something which is self-existent for it is an imitation of something else, a warped image of the genuine and therefore something which is not what it purports to be.



So we see from this that what the Gospel of God is, is not something which could possibly have been left to the imagination and interpretation of man. Nor could its irrevocability ever been entrusted to the fragility and instability of sinful man. Ensuring that God's Gospel stay intact and complete would never have been left to the ineptness of man for then it would surely have passed away. The very fact that the Gospel of God is eternal is the surest, and most undeniable of evidences that God protects it and ensures it reaches each and every one of His elect at the appointed time. As with the Scriptures, the fact that the Gospel remains intact and 100% God's Truth, is proof in and of itself that God Almighty is the One Who has protected it and assured its survival throughout the generations of His people. The Gospel is not something which was to be left for man to argue and debate over and forever wonder what it might be, at least not for God's people. What a man thinks the Gospel of God is, is debatable. What God says His Gospel is, is inarguable. God's Word says that Scripture cannot be broken (see John 10:35) meaning " be made null and void; whatever it says is true, there is no contradicting it, or objecting to it: "...let God be true, but every man a liar..." (Romans 3:4); it is a Jewish way of speaking, much used in the Talmud; when one doctor has produced an argument, or instance, in any point of debate, another says, (Krpyml akya) , "it may be broken"; or objected to, in such and such a manner, and be refuted: but the Scripture cannot be broken, that is not to be objected to, there can be no confutation of that".



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